False Colours – Vol. III


This project is a collection of UV/IR pictures taken in Torquay (South eastern Australia) with a converted camera.
Conventional (visible light) photography is the formation of images with light at wavelenght from 380nm to 750nm. The Full Spectrum technique enables the full sensitivity of the camera’s sensor, making it sensitive to UV, visible, and IR light. For this third volume, I used a specific filter that passes UV in the 300nm to 400nm range, blocks visual light then passes some IR in the 700nm to 800nm rangeThrough this process, I’ve tried to recreate a dramatic retro-futurist look. I shot these landscapes on sunny days with a nice blue sky near the Great Ocean Road. However, I found that using this filter was an interesting way to approach Climate Change with humility, showing what the human eye can’t see. As I’m currently living in Melbourne, I’m releasing this series on January 2020, same time bushfires are burning Australia. These photographs have been shot before but I can’t help thinking about the relation between the look of this series and the pictures we can see in the news these days. I hope this work will resonate with you and maybe make you feel like helping the firefighters and preserving wildlife during the bushfire season.
More images on Instagram : @ludovic_mornand